IKEA Hack Pizza Pan Chalkboard

I think IKEA furniture is an abomination, but have to hand it to them with their nifty little GRUNDTAL organization stuff (Side note: Why does IKEA have to capitalize everything? It makes me feel like I am being yelled at.)

One of my favorite things in the GRUNDTAL series are their cool little stainless steel containers. I have them on my fridge holding my spices, on the sides of my washing machine, and of course all over my office studio. I like that they are stainless steel so that I don’t have to worry about them rusting and they are safe for food. I don’t use them for my powdery spices though because it gets too messy. Continue reading

Family Histories Make Us Stronger

ancestorsI am a hoarder. Not of things, but of life. I have a terrible memory and even at a young age had a hard time recalling things that had happened. I hated knowing that I had experienced amazing things and that they were just going to disappear. Now that I have kids, I zealously write down every cute thing they say or do so that I don’t ever lose it. I have actually meticulously designed an archive system for all their photos so that they don’t disappear in a hard drive failure. Continue reading

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

My friend Brenda Calloway makes the most amazing cakes ever! And when I recently saw the Minecraft Birthday cake she made I had to share. It is seriously the best Minecraft cake I have EVER seen! My son freaked out when he saw it. She even has an Enderman and a Creeper! And I love the Rice Krispies Treats she used for the blocks! Continue reading

Bedtime Book Baby Shower

bedtime-book-baby-showerLast year when my friend was adopting she didn’t really need a lot of stuff, but we were so excited that we wanted to celebrate anyway. So instead of throwing a full out shower, we decided to do a bedtime book baby shower. I was so excited! I got to combine all my favorite things: cookies, books, vintage items, and PJ’s! Continue reading

Crud in My Craft Room Challenge: July 4th Wreath With Garden Faucet Handle

I haven’t had time to do a “Crud in My Craft Room Challenge” for awhile and I have missed the thrill. The desperate foraging through my scrap fabric, cursing my luck when I discover that I am just a few inches short of the ribbon I need, and trying to find alternatives to making a trip to the craft store. Call it crazy, call it sustainable crafting, but I love it. Continue reading