Furniture Facelift Friday: Entry Bench


I love the arm rests on this bench! Marilyn did a wonderful job bringing this unique piece back to life.

Furniture Facelift Friday:
Every Friday I post before and after pics of a furniture restoration or repurpose. If you have any before and after photos you would like to submit, just post them to my Facebook wall at and you might be featured on my blog!

Sister Missionary Gift: Preach My Gospel Charm Bracelet

I am totally addicted to making charm bracelets right now. My friends tease me because I am always walking around with jewelry pliers and supplies in my purse. I just can’t help it! I love them! They are a perfect combination of sentiment and style. I am hooked!

I have a cousin in the mission field and wanted to spend her something special. So I have been doing a lot of research; trying to figure out the perfect message to put on a charm bracelet. And then I finally read “Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary” by Elder David A. Bednar. It’s PERFECT! It’s a talk he gave in the MTC and is of course amazing like all his talks. We have a special love for Elder Bednar in our house; my husband used to attend one of his classes at Rick’s and learned a lot from him.

The first charm on the bracelet is a bee. For me the bee is a wonderful symbol for missionary work. Missions involve so much hard work and a willingness to sacrifice for others. Elder Ballard’s talk “Be Anxiously Engaged” is also a wonderful talk about the honey bee and the power of our small and daily efforts. So to highlight the “bee” amount of work involved in “bee-coming” I decided to use the symbol of the bee for this talk. Continue reading

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IKEA Hack Pizza Pan Chalkboard

I think IKEA furniture is an abomination, but have to hand it to them with their nifty little GRUNDTAL organization stuff (Side note: Why does IKEA have to capitalize everything? It makes me feel like I am being yelled at.)

One of my favorite things in the GRUNDTAL series are their cool little stainless steel containers. I have them on my fridge holding my spices, on the sides of my washing machine, and of course all over my office studio. I like that they are stainless steel so that I don’t have to worry about them rusting and they are safe for food. I don’t use them for my powdery spices though because it gets too messy. Continue reading

Family Histories Make Us Stronger

ancestorsI am a hoarder. Not of things, but of life. I have a terrible memory and even at a young age had a hard time recalling things that had happened. I hated knowing that I had experienced amazing things and that they were just going to disappear. Now that I have kids, I zealously write down every cute thing they say or do so that I don’t ever lose it. I have actually meticulously designed an archive system for all their photos so that they don’t disappear in a hard drive failure. Continue reading

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

My friend Brenda Calloway makes the most amazing cakes ever! And when I recently saw the Minecraft Birthday cake she made I had to share. It is seriously the best Minecraft cake I have EVER seen! My son freaked out when he saw it. She even has an Enderman and a Creeper! And I love the Rice Krispies Treats she used for the blocks! Continue reading