Butterbeer Italian Soda: The Cheater’s Recipe

Ever since my son got hooked on the Harry Potter books he has wanted to try butterbeer. So I figured his birthday party would be the perfect time to try out some recipes. I found several butterbeer recipes that sounded yummy, but I didn’t feel like messing with the cream topping, especially in the middle of a birthday party. Even if they were supposed to be close to the one you can buy in Orlando, I figured it is an imaginary drink and I could imagine a much easier way to make it! Continue reading

Harry Potter Party Food: Polyjuice Potion Bean Dip

I kept the food real simple for this Harry Potter Party because let’s be honest, boys don’t hold still long enough at parties to actually eat! But I didn’t want to skip out on the Harry Potter party food all together.

So one of my favorite things I did was make a really simple Polyjuice Potion bean dip. It looked delightfully disgusting! Luckily the recipe for the fake potion is MUCH easier than the real potion and you don’t have to break into Snape’s office to get the ingredients. Continue reading

Recreating Honeydukes for a Harry Potter Party

Last week I covered the Harry Potter party invite and “Hoo’ing.” This week you will get to see the Honeydukes candy shop!

Every candy store needs a sign, so I designed a banner and some candy jar labels to go with it. Some of the labels have fun little descriptions about what each candy does. I know some of the candy comes from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, not Honeydukes, but the kids had fun pretending to throw up or faint after eating it and there was no way I was going to recreate two stores! Continue reading

A Month of Harry Potter Party Ideas!

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Harry Potter’s first ride on the Hogwarts Express on September 1st, we will be having a month of Potter!

I was going to try to blog about my son’s birthday party all in one post like I normally do, but decided that it would be just too overwhelming. So I have decided to break it into pieces that I will be releasing all month. So stayed tuned for lots of Harry Potter party ideas! Continue reading