Visiting Teaching Christmas Message, Ornament and Printable

Last week I sat down and made a visiting teaching Christmas printable for the people I visit teach, but when I was getting everything ready to deliver it just didn’t feel like the right message to send.

Instead I ended up spending a couple of hours reading more about the birth of the Savior and I was struck by the reference to Christ being wrapped in swaddling clothes. I had been praying that I would have more time to learn about the birth of Christ this Christmas, and it occurred to me that this was an answer to prayer. While I definitely didn’t have the time for this little tangent, I was so grateful for it. It was the first time this month that I had really felt the spirit of Christmas. Maybe it isn’t so much about finding time to come closer to our Savior, but making time. Continue reading

Free LDS Books for Kindle

Free LDS Books for Kindle

I was so surprised when I popped onto to Amazon today and found HUNDREDS of free LDS books for Kindle! I had no idea! Everything from material created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to fiction written by LDS authors. I could not believe the variety. There were pages and pages of free Mormon books. You can find just about every manual written by the church on there. They even have some chapter books for younger readers. My husband is going to freak out when I tell him.

And maybe you all already know about this and are much cooler than I am, but I am so excited I had to share. Continue reading

Visiting Teaching Christmas Printable

Looking for a Christmas printable for December’s visiting teaching message? Me too, and I couldn’t find one. So I whipped this one together super fast and thought I would share with you.

It is based on a quote from “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace” which is the visiting teaching message in the December 2014 Ensign.

It’s a good reminder that finishing your Christmas to-do list won’t bring you peace, instead our efforts should be focused on living a Christ-centered life. After my trip to the post office, I really, really, really needed that reminder!

Download Free Printable for Christmas Visiting Teaching


Custom Grandparent T-Shirt: The perfect present idea!

This is seriously one of my favorite grandparent present ideas EVER! And I don’t EVER use all caps unless I REALLY mean it. My dad loves this custom grandparent t-shirt we made for him. Whenever he wears it he gets this cute little “I love my grand kids” smile on his face.

B– drew this picture of my dad years ago and it is the best likeliness of the man I have ever seen. The kid is a genius. How he could convey so much of my dad’s essence in so few lines is amazing. I get a fit of the giggles every time I look at it. When he drew it, I knew that it belonged on a t-shirt, or maybe even in the Louvre. Continue reading

Scripture-Themed Missionary Christmas Gifts

Christmas can be a little rough for missionaries. Missions are always easier when you get lost in the work, but it can be harder to do that over the holidays.

I got lucky because I went on my mission to Argentina. Christmas there didn’t feel anything like Christmas here. Down there it is summer in December so it was hot and there were a lot of watermelons and asados (BBQ’s).

My husband is the ward mission leader, so last Christmas I decided to pull together some missionary Christmas gifts for the sisters in our ward. I know that missions aren’t about material things, but one of the things I missed most on Christmas was the tearing open of wrapping paper. It wasn’t so much the stuff in the present; I just really missed the feeling of excitedly unwrapping something. I know it is totally silly. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Banner

This little Thanksgiving banner took all of 15 minutes to slap together and it didn’t cost me a thing. I love when Mother Nature does most of the work! And I love crafting without spending a dime. If you haven’t heard of the “Crud in My Craft Room Challenge” it is where I try to make stuff using only the things I have around the house. I love it because it always pushes my creativity and I come up with stuff I like even better than if I had spent a fortune at the craft store. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Wreath Made With My Every Holdiay Burlap Wreaths

thanksgiving-wreathAfter Halloween I wasted no time getting my Thanksgiving wreaths up! Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. I love the bright, but earthy colors and how they make me feel cozy. To be honest Christmas is often too much for me. I like the subtly of Thanksgiving.

Last year I made these matching burlap wreaths for my front door. I designed them so that I could easily switch out the decorations with the seasons. It has saved me a ton of money and I don’t have to worry about storing a bunch of wreaths. Continue reading