Pinkalicious Birthday Party


I am not a big fan of pink, but apparently my little girl didn’t get the memo because she lives and breathes the color. So we decided that this year a Pinkalicious birthday party was just the thing. I love doing birthday parties that are based off books, and I am so glad that I haven’t been roped into a princess party yet. I like princesses even less than I like pink. I grew up in the era of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the idea of a heroine that spends most the story asleep never appealed to me. Continue reading

Selective Memory

Thursday when it was raining, I decided to let the kids sit outside on the porch, drink hot coco and watch the rain before they started on homework. I often have special activities like that be a reward for good behavior or getting something done, but lately it seems like we don’t ever get to do anything fun because something usually goes wrong and my kids lose the reward.

So on Thursday I decided that we were just going to have fun, no strings attached. I knew it was going to make doing homework harder later, but decided not to care. After the hot coco, the kids had fun depopulating the neighborhood of slugs and snails. They managed to fill a bucket with them. Disgusting. I am thinking of hiring them out as organic snail exterminators. Continue reading

When I finally started to enjoy Mother’s Day


Ever since I was little I have looked forward to being a mom. When my husband and I got married we were ready to start a family right away. It was actually a pretty big leap of faith because we were dirt poor and weren’t sure how it was all going to work out. But month after month passed and soon year after year and no kids.

I felt like I was designed to do something and I was lost not being able to do it. Over time I learned to channel my feelings in more positive directions and was actually handling things very well. I could even go to baby showers without a tinge of sorrow. But there was one day of the year that knocked me flat every time — Mother’s Day. Continue reading

Personal Progress Activity: The Power of Music

I loved Sister Cheryl A. Esplin’s soda can analogy in her talk this Women’s Conference. When I saw that crushed soda can, I knew that I had to take it to the next level.

The goal of this personal progress activity was to show the young women how filling our lives with the right kind of music can make us stronger. But listening to inappropriate or harmful music not only leaves us weak, but can crush us. As part of the activity I do a science experiment to show how exposing the soda can to certain elements can crush it using just normal, everyday air pressure. Continue reading