Furniture Facelift Friday: Potted Plant Repurpose

potted-plant-repurposeLooks like we aren’t’ the only one who like to repurpose. My mom found this either very clever or very lazy mother dove on her back patio. The mother bird laid and sat on her eggs right there on the bakers rack. She wasn’t nearly as skittish as she probably should have been and it was amazing to watch the baby birds so close. I figured it was only right to feature her ingenious little repurpose too! It kind of puts a new spin on all those ways to repurpose a crib.

Furniture Facelift Friday:
Every Friday I post before and after pics of a furniture restoration or repurpose. If you have any before and after photos you would like to submit, just post them to my Facebook wall at and you might be featured on my blog!

Spa Baby Shower Gift

Spa Baby Shower Gift

I love baby showers because I am obsessed with baby shoes. I love to see all the cute little shoes tucked away in gift bags. I don’t care if baby shoes are utterly useless and fall off all the time. They are absolutely adorable.

But there are two things that bother me about baby showers. If it is a shower, shouldn’t there be more soap? And if it is the mom doing all the work lugging that kid around for 9 months, why is the kid getting all the presents? Continue reading

Family Home Evening Lesson on Fighting


Fighting isn’t always a problem at our house, but sometimes my kids go through phases where it seems like they are at each other’s throats all the time.

When we hit a fighting rut, I have found that the “sweet” jar helps a lot. The worst part about fighting is figuring out who started it. The kids end up getting in a fight about the fight. By the end everybody is mad at everybody else and I am still not sure who was the culprit. So the “sweet” jar was created to try to get the kids to work together. Continue reading

How to fix a torn pull-up or potty training pants

I wish I had known this years ago, but just recently I finally figured out how to fix a torn pull-up.

Pull-ups cost a fortune and there is nothing more frustrating than having a brand new, perfectly good pull-up tear on you. And for the past few days my daughter was tearing one while getting ready for bed E.V.E.R.Y. S.I.N.G.L.E. N.I.G.H.T. I was freaking out. Continue reading

Start of School Photos with Chalkboard Back Drop

These start of school photos contain such epic levels of cuteness that it is almost more than I can stand.

Last year my friend Rachel had her twins’ photos taken for the start of preschool and I am totally in love. For starters her kids are ADORABLE! That much cuteness in one kid is already pushing it, but twins!?!? Doubling the cuteness takes the whole thing over the top. It is too much. And those curls! I die!

Start of School Photos

Continue reading