Baby Shower Gift Card Idea – Umbrella Raining Gift Cards!

Baby Shower Gift Card IdeaWhile looking for a fun baby shower gift card idea, I fell in love with this super cute umbrella idea. Most people love getting gift cards, but they always feel like such a cop-out to me. So I love when I can make it a little more personal.

It was perfect for my friend because she really needed a BIG umbrella. She had three children under the age of 5 with another little one on the way. That was a lot of kids and stroller to fit under one umbrella! So for her baby shower, we all chipped in on a group gift so that there would be plenty of “rain” under her new super big umbrella!

Umbrella with gift cards

With four kiddos, she was going to need A LOT of diapers and wipes!

The fun part about this gift is that the recipient doesn’t know what is inside when they receive it. The look on their face when they open it up is priceless!

I added some clear beads to look like raindrops and divided up the group gift into smaller amounts on separate gift cards.

The tricky part was getting the strings long enough to look good, but not too long to show up when the umbrella was closed. I didn’t want to give away the surprise!

Here are some tips I learned for the next time I use this baby shower gift card idea:
1. Use fabric ribbon instead of curling ribbon. The curling ribbon had a tendency to get tangled together. It was a pain.
2. I would go a little shorter with the ribbon next time. It didn’t need to be as long as I thought it did. It made tangling more of a problem and it was harder to get everything neatly tucked in there when the umbrella was closed.
3. Be ready with a camera when they open the umbrella. The look of surprise is the best part!
4. I loved the fun shapes of Target gift cards. The little elephants made it so cute.

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