Bear Slap Bracelet Valentine Cards

Slap Bracelet Valentine CardsHere is a fun, noncandy Valentine card that is perfect for a classroom Valentine exchange, especially for those classrooms that have food allergies. I found these amazing bear slap bracelets for 69% off at Oriental Trading. At only $4.97 for a 12 pack, they were too cute not to snap up! I have seen a lot of really fun slap bracelet Valentine cards and thought this would be a fun variation.

The bracelets are nice and soft and the bears are so adorable. I had to trim a few stray threads on a couple of them, but the quality has been really good for the price. And my daughter loves them!

Slap Bracelet Valentine Cards Printables

I made a couple of variations of Slap Bracelet Valentine Cards that say different things depending on what you want to use.
Download Valentine Card Printables (PDF)

You will notice on the file that there is a little line with two circles on either side. To put these Valentines together, I just poked holes in the circled areas on the cards and stuck a twisty tie around each side.

There is also another variation in the PDF of a  Gummy Bear Valentine card that you can use with gummy bears or cinnamon bears. My favorites are those chocolate covered cinnamon bears! They are so yummy!


However, my eldest is now at that awkward stage where they still do a Valentine exchange in class, but he has to be cool about it. So no cutesy, homemade Valentine printables and NOTHING that talks about love. So I found a 30 pack of full-sized candy bars on Amazon for only $13.98 and just bought some Star Wars Valentines from the dollar store to go with them. No boy is going to complain about getting a full-sized candy bar, and there is no way that a generic Star Wars Valentine could be taken the wrong way. It has made me realize that it is the end of an era in our household. So sad…

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