Bedtime Book Baby Shower

bedtime-book-baby-showerLast year when my friend was adopting she didn’t really need a lot of stuff, but we were so excited that we wanted to celebrate anyway. So instead of throwing a full out shower, we decided to do a bedtime book baby shower. I was so excited! I got to combine all my favorite things: cookies, books, vintage items, and PJ’s!

On the invite we told everybody:
“Come in your PJ’s or comfy clothes, bring your pillow and favorite blanket, and we will settle in for cookies, milk, and a goodnight story! Bring your favorite children’s book as a gift.”

book-baby-showerFor the decorations I made a real easy banner out of an old, beat up Dr. Seuss book and twine. I just cut the pages out of the binding and cut them into triangles. It is now hanging in my son’s bedroom and I love it!

I then raided my mom’s amazing collection of vintage toys and books. Do you see that old turquoise car? That was my grandparents’ and I remember playing with it at their house when I was little. I also remember playing with the metal spinning top.


baby-shower-milk-bar2For the food we did a milk and cookie bar. I also dipped the glasses in chocolate just like I had seen at It looks amazing and it is so easy to do. I let the guests write their names with a dry erase marker so that we could keep track of whose glass was whose. To keep the milk cold I made some milk ice cubes the night before. It kept things cold without watering down the milk.



book-baby-shower-decorationsLook at those cute little baby shoes! I find baby shoes utterly irresistible!

After the goodies, we had fun sharing some of our favorite children books. It was a wonderful night and it was so easy to do.

Want to copy this look? Here is where you can find some items similar to those featured here:

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