Coffee Filter Ghost Craft

Ghost Craft
If it feels like I have been posting a lot of ghost crafts lately, it is because I have. I can’t help it! I keep seeing so many cute ideas this year.

My daughter came home from preschool last week with this cute little ghost craft they made for “G” week. It fits three of my criteria for a perfect craft: 1) Easy 2) Cheap 3) Fast

I don’t know about you, but I hate those kid crafts that take me longer to prep than it takes for my kids to put it together. If anything takes longer to make than it takes to enjoy, I just can’t get into it. Which is probably why I don’t cook much…

For this cute little coffee filter ghost craft the teacher just helped the kids glue two coffee filters together and then cut a fringe on the bottom one. The eyes and mouth are made from construction paper. So easy a preschooler could make it!

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