Easy Duct Tape Whiteboard

When I learned that you can use hardboard panel boards to make whiteboards, it totally blew my mind. You can buy a huge panel of it for about $15 and either make an enormous whiteboard on your wall or cut it up to make smaller whiteboards. Considering that dry erase boards can cost well over $70, it is a steal!

A bit ago I made a large calendar for the week for our hallway and decided to use the scrap hardboard to make a duct tape whiteboard for my niece and nephew. I have been using my whiteboard for several months now and it actually works better than the expensive whiteboard that I bought.


This would also be a fun craft to do with cub scouts, girls scouts, young women, or activity days. It is super easy, so you would just need to prep the board and the kids could do the rest. Whiteboards are a great place to write goals or favorite quotes and scriptures.

How to Make a Duct Tape Whiteboard

1. Cut the panel board to the size you want it. The nice people at Lowes or Home Depot are usually willing to cut it for you.

2. Drill two holes up at the top for putting the ribbon through. I like to drill from the white side to the back side so that the front doesn’t get the rough part of the hole sticking through.

3. Pick out some duct tape that you like. I was able to get mine from the Dollar Tree, so it was super cheap.

4. To make sure you put the duct tape on even, trace around the edge with a ruler with dry erase marker.

5. I put the tape on the sides first, leaving enough to fold over on the backside. I then did the top and trimmed the edges so that it was flush. The duct tape on the back kept popping up, so I lined the back around the edges with duct tape too to hold it down.

6. Then you pick out your ribbon and thread it through the holes. So easy! It is now ready to hang on the wall!

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