Father’s Day Handmade Pencil Holder

Father’s Day is coming up and the pressure is on. I always struggle with finding gifts that my kids can make my husband that he will actually use. So I decided to put a new twist on an old favorite, the pencil holder.

I love rustic looking things, so I am totally in love with this pencil holder. It looks more like something you would buy on etsy than something that was made by a six year old. We also needed a pencil holder by our computer, so I knew it would get used.

My son was actually the one who sparked the idea. We were going on a nature walk and he discovered a small log. For some reason the log inspired him and he announced that he was going to take it home so that his dad could teach him how to whittle with it. Problem was that my husband had just had surgery on his wrist and was facing a long recovery. So learning how to whittle was not really going to happen any time soon. But I loved my son’s vision and wanted to help him turn it into something.

What I love about this project is that it gives your kids a little exposure on how to use some basic tools. I think one of the reasons I feel so comfortable using power tools now is because my dad was so willing to show me how they worked when I was little. He took the time to teach me important lessons about safety and technique that were an important foundation.

Depending on how old your kids are they might not be able to help with all the steps, but they can watch and learn while you do it.

How to Make a Wood Handmade Pencil Holder

Step 1: Take your kids on a nature walk. Find a branch or log that inspires them. Talk about how thick the log needs to be to work. Talk them through the design and see what ideas they come up with. This is a great opportunity to show them how to plan a project.

On the way home, let your son swing the log around like a weapon as long as his sister is a safe distance away. Worry that there may be no such thing as a safe distance when your son is holding a log.

Step 2: Take the log home and find a section of the log that looks like it will work well. Cut off about a four-inch section. I used our miter saw, but you could also use a hack saw or other kind of hand saw. If you use a hand son, older kids will be able to help with this step. Just make sure you get a level cut so that your log stands up without falling over.

Step 3: Find a drill bit that is big enough to make a hole wide enough for your pencils and pens to stick into. Secure the log into a vise so that it doesn’t move around. Drill some holes evenly spaced from each other in the middle of the log. I did four holes, but it really depends on the size of your log.

Step 4: Depending on how dry the wood on your log is, give it some time to dry out. My son’s log was actually a root in its former life and it was still really, really wet. I made the mistake of hiding it in a plastic bag and the thing grew mold. Yuck. I had to sand it down and treat with some bleach to save it.

Step 5: Let your kids wrap it up and present it to your husband in all its manly splendor. Watch your son swell with pride as he tells his dad how he drilled the holes himself.

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