Felt Reindeer Bag Pattern – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Felt Reindeer BagI have the cutest story behind this felt reindeer bag pattern. When I was little, my mom spent all her time making stuff for craft boutiques in order to earn enough money for Christmas presents. She loved making Christmas spectacular. Even when the budget was tight during the year, we always had amazing Christmases.

One of the things she made was this cute, little felt reindeer bag. Years ago, she had some leftover cutouts that she never used and asked me if I wanted them. I added them to my felt stash, but never got around to doing anything with them until this year. By this time, I am willing to bet that the felt is almost three decades old! (Can we say craft hoarder?)


It was neat sewing together something that I remember my mom sewing when I was little. I am totally sentimental, and I couldn’t help wondering if I had watched her cut these out so many years ago.

If you want to make your own felt reindeer bags, I put together a simple pattern below.

Download Felt Reindeer Bag Pattern (PDF)

They are pretty straightforward to make. You will want to cut out two pieces of felt per reindeer. If you cut them out two at a time, it is an easy way to make sure both sides match up. It is also easier if you sew on the eyes and nose before you sew the two pieces together. I just cut out a circle nose from red felt and added two black buttons.

Once the face is on, you place the two pieces together again and sewed around the face and up the middle of the antlers. My mom used to sew all around the antlers, but it would take her forever. I am way too lazy.


Now Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is ready for you to fill with goodies! Once the felt reindeer bag is full, you can tie the opening together with a cute bow! These reindeers are perfect little stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, or for teachers and coaches.


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