Preschool Snack: Goldfishes and Pretzles

My kids love it when I put this simple mix of Goldfish crackers and stick pretzels together. We usually do it for an after school snack, but it would also be cute for a ocean themed party or if you are in charge of the preschool snack.

You can also give your kids a spoonful of peanut butter to dip their pretzels in so they can “catch” the goldfish on the end of their fishing rod. Or if you are worried about peanut allergies you could also do almond butter or cream cheese.

We don’t buy goldfish that much because I honestly don’t like them. But my kids love them and G– will often plead with me to buy them.

The other day at the grocery store G– asked me, “Can we get Goldfish crackers because we haven’t had them in FOREVER? But don’t get the colorful ones!”

When I asked her why not, she said, “Because they have ‘articles’ in them.”

We had talked about artificial colors in foods the other day and I love that my smart little shopper was able to recognize them in the crackers! Although technically they use natural flavors in the Goldfish crackers.

I love taking G– grocery shopping. Even though she is only four she is a pro at it. The girl knows where everything is, loads the checkout belt for me, and even bags it all. I stick her at the end of the conveyor belt and she gets to work. She even knows to put the heavy stuff on the bottom and to put cold stuff in the same bag. Watching her intently at it always makes me smile. I totally get my shopping done faster with her! She even examines the packaging on the food for me to make sure there aren’t any tears or dents in the cans. And she reminds me to always buy veggies. She cracks me up! I love my little shopping buddy and I hate when I have to go without her. I always joke that she will be running the house by the time she is 10.

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  1. December says:

    Actually gold fish are naturally colored by using beets and other natural foods.

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