Fortnite Drift Costume DIY Tutorial

Fortnite Drift Costume DIY TutorialI have a sneaky suspicion that this Halloween is going to feel like a giant Fortnite LARP party. My boy wanted to be Drift this year and I was thrilled because a Fortnite Drift costume was so easy to put together.

I don’t enjoy playing video games, but I happen to love Fortnite because I think it is hilarious that a video game has kids dancing in schoolyards all over the country. My husband loves it too and my boy often has to ask him to leave the room while he is playing because he gets way into it.

So if your kid is begging you for a Fortnite Drift costume, then here is all you need:

1. Find yourself a red, hooded, sweatshirt at your local thrift store. Remove the sleeves and then hem them back up.

2. Using the leftover arms, cut out a strip and sew it to the sleeves of a long sleeved black shirt.

3. While at the thrift store, find some black ski pants. Sew on two small red rectangles cut out of the sleeves of the hoodie.

4. Pick up some black gloves at the dollar store and cut off the fingers. Using spray adhesive, glue on the gold duct tape. I found that the gold duct tape doesn’t stay on by itself.

5. Buy a Drift mask or get a black face dust mask like what Drift wears in level 1. I bought both so that if my boy gets sick of the mask or can’t see well enough for trick or treating, we can switch them out.

6. Get black hi-top shoes. If you are feeling extra crafty, add some gold duct tape to the tops.

7. I caved at the last moment and also bought him an inflatable unicorn for the pool party battle pack.

Fortnite Unicorn Backpack

Fortnite Pool Party Backpack

Brace yourself for lots of Fortnite Emotes (dancing) when your kid tries on the costume. What is my favorite emote? The tiddy.


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