Frankenstein Head Vinyl Sticker

Frankenstein Head Goodie BasketWhat do you do with the leftover centerpieces from your kid’s Minecraft birthday party? You turn them into a Frankenstein head!

I found these containers at Dollar Tree and used them to hold Minecraft balloons for my son’s party. But after the party was over, I realized they made the perfect Frankenstein head! Ladybug loves Halloween almost as much as Christmas, so we had fun putting together the goodie baskets for friends. And we thought the creepy hand sticking out the back was the perfect touch. We also threw in some glow sticks to make trick-or-treaters easier to spot by cars on Halloween night. Glow sticks are one of my favorite treats to hand out for Halloween. No sugar and great for safety! I am such a mom.

Frankenstein Head Vinyl Sticker

I love holiday decorations, but to be honest I never find the time to really decorate for the holidays. So I love when I can find quick projects to do with the kids that help them feel involved without a lot of work. And I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the vinyl sticker Silhouette file if you want to make some of your own. Just leave a comment below and I will send it right over!

Last year, I discovered that the best way to protect myself from the inevitable candy gorge feast that happens every year is to buy candy that I don’t like. My kids love Laffy Taffy and Lemonheads, but I can’t stand them. A Butterfinger isn’t safe in my house, but I’d rather eat a carrot over a Laffy Taffy any day. It saves me from dipping into the candy bags before Halloween. Now I just need to figure out a way to keep my paws off what my kids bring home Halloween night…

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