Free LDS Books for Kindle

Free LDS Books for Kindle

I was so surprised when I popped onto to Amazon today and found HUNDREDS of free LDS books for Kindle! I had no idea! Everything from material created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to fiction written by LDS authors. I could not believe the variety. There were pages and pages of free Mormon books. You can find just about every manual written by the church on there. They even have some chapter books for younger readers. My husband is going to freak out when I tell him.

And maybe you all already know about this and are much cooler than I am, but I am so excited I had to share.

We are total book nerds. Our house seriously looks like a library. We have one 13′ high wall that is covered from floor to ceiling with books. We have to get a ladder out to reach the ones up at the top. It makes me feel like Belle. I love it. And we also have another 9′ high wall in our library covered with books. We are crazy dorks, but thank goodness we found each other and we are blissfully happy in our dorkiness.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. I have a smartphone and iPad and I can just download the free Kindle Reading app.

Some of these are only free for a limited time, so you will want to get them while the getting is good!

Here are some you are going to want to check out!

Free LDS Books for Kindle

A lot of the LDS fiction I wasn’t familiar with, but feel free to browse around and discover some new authors.
Browse Free LDS Books for Kindle

There are even more books available for free if you sign up for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited

If you find any books that your especially love, share with us by leaving a comment. I would love to discover some new authors!

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