Frozen birthday party food

Frozen birthday party food
As a rule, I don’t do much with food at kids’ parties. I used to make lots of cute, homemade stuff, but noticed that the kids were way too busy having fun to care about eating. But with this party, planning the food was one of my favorite parts. The quotes are some of the best parts of Frozen, so I found frozen birthday party food that related to some of the quotes in the movie. The foods are simple, snack foods, so it made the prep really easy. And I have included all the printables you need below. So easy!

Download Free Frozen Party Food Printables (PDF)


Frozen birthday party food

I had a lot of candy leftover from decorating the cupcakes, so I stuck the leftovers in a bowl.

Ladybug insisted on having chocolate because both Anna and Elsa love it. So does she!

Olaf is so cute, but have you ever thought what it would be like to be hugged by a snowman? Scratchy and cold! Kids love pretzels, so these were a big hit.

I thought the yogurt-covered raisins would be a hit, but according to Ladybug there were too many raisins in them. Haha!

This was one of my favorites. The yogurt-covered pretzels totally look like snowshoes!

I made these by dipping the pretzels rods in white chocolate. They turned out so pretty, almost too pretty to eat. I love these because this is one of my favorite quotes in the movie.

Kids LOVE Pirate Booty. This stuff was inhaled.

I don’t know if you have ever had them before, but I love Popcorners!

I have a strange addiction to baby carrots. I eat handfuls a day and most of my post-apocalyptic fears center around not being able to get anymore fresh carrots. I NEED them.

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