Fruit Loop Marshmallow Rainbows

Fruit Loop Marshmallow RainbowsWith St. Patrick’s Day coming up, these Fruit Loop Marshmallow Rainbows are a fun craft to do with your little ones. I am not going to pretend these are healthy, but they are great for developing fine motor skills, the kids love them, and they are super easy to do. So 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

To make these, you will need Fruit Loops, large marshmallows, and white pipe cleaners or chenille stems. I used white so that the color wouldn’t distract from the color of the Fruit Loops, but you could use other colors too.

Fruit Loop Marshmallow Rainbows Supplies

First, cut the white pipe cleaners in half and stick one end into a large marshmallow. The large marshmallow helps the pipe cleaner stand upright, making it easier for little ones to string on the Fruit Loops. If it keeps falling over, try wetting the bottom of the marshmallow a little to get it to stick.

Then let your kids string on the Fruit Loops. Not only can they practice stringing them, but you can also go over your colors. You can either encourage your child to do the colors in order or just have fun with it. Once they are done, top it off with another marshmallow and bend it into shape. They are so cute! Fruit Loop Marshmallow Rainbows are great to do for nursery, preschool or school classes too.

But to be honest, I wasn’t totally comfortable with that much marshmallow. It was fine when my kids wanted to make and eat one, but when they wanted to make more, I just couldn’t keep handing out the marshmallows. So we made a healthier version too, substituting a slice of banana for the marshmallow.

I thought the banana one was cute too and the banana actually stayed standing much better than the marshmallow one.

Another favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition with my kids is our annual Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt. Even though my kids don’t believe in leprechauns, they really get into it and have fun pretending. The hunt is full of all kinds of leprechaun tricks, riddles, and shenanigans, and my kids love finding the gold candy and the gold $1 coin at the end!


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