Furniture Facelift Friday: Fireplace Mantel


When we bought our house I loved almost everything about it…but this fireplace. It looked like a microwave oven! What was worse is that it was the centerpiece of the house and one of the first things you saw when you walked in. Just looking at the before picture makes me cringe.

Luckily my mom came to the rescue and redid this wonderful fireplace mantel for me. She was able to find it for just a little over $100! I love big, rough, and chunky furniture, so it was perfect! And I love finally having a mantel I can decorate.

Furniture Facelift Friday:
Every Friday I post before and after pics of a furniture restoration or repurpose. If you have any before and after photos you would like to submit, just post them to my Facebook wall at and you might be featured on my blog!

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