Gift Wrap Ideas – Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

A year ago a friend of mine wrapped Ladybug’s birthday present in a princess reusable grocery shopping bag. Ladybug could not have been more thrilled. She was almost as excited about the bag as the present. It was one of my favorite gift wrap ideas ever.

The best thing is that it is actually cheaper than buying a gift bag. A Disney Princess gift bag at Target is going to run you about $3. You can pick up a reusable one at the Dollar Tree for only $1. It is also reusable and sturdier. A year later, Ladybug is still using that bag. And I don’t have to worry about tearing the bag when wrapping the gift. More than once I have had the seam on a paper gift bag go out on me. With these, I don’t have to worry. They also survive time in storage better and don’t get as shabby looking as quickly.

So I decided to ditch gift bags and stock up on reusable shopping bags. I bought these on Amazon in black and then I am able to customize them using different kinds of tissue or ribbon.

I bought a huge roll of tulle to make it easy to throw a big bow up on top.

I especially love the idea for bridal showers because it gives the bride something to lug things home in. Plus, the bags are handy for later when the bride is setting up house or heading to the grocery store.

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