Guinea Pig Parking Sign

Guinea Pig Parking Sign
When we got two rescue guinea pigs for my kids, I really didn’t think I was going to like them that much. They were basically just over-grown hamsters, right?

Fast forward two years and I am now posting videos of Lucy and Reepicheep on Facebook. And although I am hesitant to admit it, I think I may have stepped over some crazy guinea pig lady line. But the two of them wheek like crazy whenever they hear my voice or I walk into the room – how could I not be charmed? They are my biggest fans!

I now find myself doing things like dreaming up crazy guinea pig mansions or wondering if making them costumes for Halloween would be too much. Guinea pig lovers often use the term “cavy slave.” I don’t think I am there yet, but may have to reevaluate that if I ever manage to build the guinea pig mansion.

But if I am crazy, my kids are crazier. They are obsessed with their guinea pigs and the novelty hasn’t worn off even years later. I have never seen two guinea pigs more loved on. They spend time after school every day snuggling with their piggies. It is so sweet!

We have struggles with anxiety over here, and I have found that our guinea pigs make great emotional support animals. Lucy is especially mellow and we have taken her with us to places when I know there will be a lot of stress. I know somebody who even got ESA ID cards for their guinea pigs.

So when I was working on my son’s room, I knew exactly what to make him – a Guinea Pig Parking Sign! Because obviously guinea pigs really need reserved parking. If you would like to make a Guinea Pig Parking Sign of your own, just leave me a comment and I would be happy to send you the Silhouette file that I made. Us guinea pig lovers have to stick together ;-)

And who couldn’t love a face like this? This is what happens when Lucy goes a little crazy on her lettuce. I love that they eat vegetables like they were blood thirsty carnivores.

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