Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes Universal Studios Look-a-Likes

Harry Potter Cauldron CakesI have wanted to make Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes for a very, very, very long time. Ever since I saw my kids drool over them at Universal Studios, I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a batch. So I may or may not have planned an entire Harry Party themed Minute-to-Win It party as an excuse to make the cauldron cakes. Feel free to laugh at me, but it was totally worth it. I have no regrets!

These cupcakes are crazy easy to make and I was surprised how close they looked to the originals. The big difference is that mine are smaller and if you stick the cauldrons directly into the oven, you are going to have a mess. The really cool thing about the Universal Studio Cauldron Cakes is that the pot is made out of silicone and can be reused to bake stuff. My cauldrons are much cheaper, but they are made out of plastic. You can use them to keep your loose change or Harry Potter knickknacks, but you definitely can’t get them anywhere near the oven.

However, unlike the Universal Studio Cauldron Cakes, I decided to add a fudge center to mine. I thought that anything in a cauldron ought to be a little gooey. And fudge makes everything yummier.

Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes Recipe

You will need:

Step 1: Using your cake mix, make 48 small cupcakes filling the cupcake tins only about half of what you would normally do. Keeping it smaller makes it easier to stuff into the cauldron and also makes it easier to insert the fudge. After baking, let the cupcakes cool entirely.

Step 2: Carefully stuff a small cupcake into each cauldron. I found it easiest to bend them a little and ease them in sideways. Once the cupcake was in, I could straighten it out in the bottom.

Step 3: Put a large spoonful of chocolate fudge in each cauldron on top of the cupcake.

Step 4: Place another small cupcake on top of the fudge.

Step 5: To get the swirl pattern in the frosting, I carefully laid one layer of red frosting in my frosting bag and then a yellow layer on top of that. It got a little messy, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I did a few practice flames first to prime the pump and to make sure the colors were coming out the way I wanted them to. Since you are only covering a little hole, it doesn’t take very much frosting.

If you don’t want to buy the cauldrons, you can also make a version using only a black cupcake liner. This doesn’t have the fudge filling and was made just like a normal cupcake.

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10 Responses

  1. Lisa H. says:

    Hi, I would love to make these cute cauldron cakes for Halloween, but I’m clueless about the ingredient “jar of chocolate fudge”. All I can think of is runny chocolate syrup like that used on ice cream, but your photo shows something with more body, perhaps more like canned frosting. I admit I am not a baker or cook, hence the confusion. (Covid has me trying new things though!) Would you kindly clarify what this fudge in a jar is, please? A product name would help me a lot! Looking forward to the yumminess.

    • Angie says:

      I am so sorry. That is really my fault. I could have been lots clearer. It is like the Hershey’s Hot Fudge Topping – https://amzn.to/36FxgXx
      And good luck with the cauldron cakes!

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you for the clarification and responding so very quickly! I appreciate you. Looks like I’ll be making some chocolate magic this weekend ;)

        • Angie says:

          Sounds yummy! I was just thinking it would be fun to mix some crumbled candy bars in with the fudge to make it extra “Halloweenie.” Like crumbled Butterfingers, Snickers or Peppermint Patties. Hmmm…..

  2. I think your idea is super cute. I’m just a bit concerned on the fact of whether that’s plastic cauldrons are food safe? Does it state this anywhere on the package? Thanks so much!

    • Angie says:

      I don’t think it does. If you were concerned, you could put some plastic wrap inside first to separate the cupcake from the cauldron.

  3. Aleksandra says:

    Where do I even find these cauldrons? : O Do I bake the cake inside it?

  4. Yesenia says:

    Do you use a standard cupcake pan or a mini cupcake pan?
    Thank you

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