Homemade Felt Hair Bows

Looking for something cute and easy to make for your little Valentine? These homemade felt hair bows are perfect!

If you have never used homemade felt, you are totally missing out. The flat, lifeless polyester stuff at the store can’t hold a candle to it. And even the wool stuff you can buy isn’t always 100% wool.

The crazy thing is that homemade felt can often be cheaper to make than buy and it is so easy. If you can ruin a wool sweater in the wash, you can make your own felt. You can learn how to do it on my post “How to Make Easy Homemade Felt From Sweaters.”

One of my favorite things to do with felt is to make homemade felt hair bows or felt flowers. The end result is so much warmer and has a lot more character than using store-bought felt. I love how they turn out. In the winter I love to dress my little girl in a denim jumper dress, tights, boots, cardigan, and a little homemade felt flower in her hair. Adorable!

However, when doing something small like homemade felt flowers there are some thing you want to keep in mind.

1. Unfortunately it is really hard to find wool sweaters in pastel colors. So you are going to be stuck with a lot of browns and greys. To help liven things up I will often use a button to add a pop of color. A lot of the beads and buttons I use are vintage and come from garage sales or thrift stores.

2. One of the biggest challenges of working with homemade felt is that it is often a lot thicker. So when picking what kind of flower you want to make, you will have to plan accordingly. If the design is too intricate or you have to fold the felt multiple times, you are going to struggle. Having some really sharp, little scissors also helps.

3. Homemade felt sheds…A LOT. I often like to do my cutting outside where the lint can just be blown away. But sometimes the lint still wrecks havoc on my sinuses. So if I am feeling especially dorky, I will wear a mask. I feel totally silly, but it helps.

Homemade Felt Hair Bows Ideas

If you are looking for some ideas, here are a few of my favorites. For the patterns, I just search online for flower patterns. It is fun to mix and match some of the shapes.


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