How to Make a Ghost Cheaply

This year we got some wonderful new neighbors and this is our very first Halloween living next to them. And when they started to decorate their yard for Halloween my kids flipped out. They are in love with the graveyard, the army of spiders, and the ghouls. My kids beg me to drive past their house just so they can get a good look at everything.

The favorite has been their ghosts and we have been trying to guess how they did them. The kids have been dying to find out what was under the white sheets. So we finally headed over there to find out.

How to Make a Ghost

Turns out that instead of those expensive foam balls, Tonya just used some plastic bowls to make the ghosts. Brilliant! They have the same round shape on the top and are much cheaper. Plus I love that you can stack the bowls inside each other so they are easier to store and they are more durable than foam balls.

Tonya just drilled a hole in the top and then used a washer to secure the fishing line.

She also saved more money by buying a white sheet set from Ross instead of buying the fabric by the yard. What a smarty! So if you have been wondering how to make a ghost without spending a fortune on supplies, you have Tonya to thank!

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