How to Make a Luau Paper Flower

How to Make a Luau Paper FlowerLearning how to make a Luau paper flower is super easy to do, especially since it only involves 7 petals. These flowers cost pennies to make, take minutes to put together and pack a big punch!

I love the super fancy ones you see on Pinterest, but these are perfect for this busy momma who would rather be sleeping than cutting out elaborate petals. We used these for Ladybug’s Moana Luau Birthday Party and they looked amazing. And I don’t think the girls would have cared if I had spent hours and hours making a more intricate version. My mommy motto is to only focus on the things that matter!

After the party, we decided to change her room to a tropical decor, so we put them all up on her wall.

How to Make a Luau Paper Flower Tutorial

Step 1: Cut out seven petals in the color of your choice. This petal pattern is designed to print out on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. You can use cardstock if you want, but I used regular 24 lb. paper and it worked just fine.

>>Print Petal Template

Step 2:
Roll and hot glue each of the petals into a kind of pointy funnel. Then hot glue all the funnels together.

Step 3:
Hot glue a card stock circle on the back to help give the flower more support. I traced a big bowl to make my circle. And you will want to use card stock here. The thick paper helps give the flower the needed structure and makes it easier to hang it later.

Step 4:
Next, you will need to cut out the middle fringe. I did this by cutting out a strip of tissue and then cutting along the edges.

Step 5:
Then roll up your fringe to make a little flower. I twisted the bottom a little to help it stay together.

Step 6:
Then hot glue around the center of the flower before placing the tissue fringe inside.

And you have a flower! Ladybug liked the pink ones best, but I liked the white and yellow ones. One thing that surprised me was what a difference it made when I added the palm leaves to the back.

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  1. Kate says:

    These are super cute! I can’t find a link to the petal pattern, though? Could you post one? Thank you so much!!

  2. joelean marshall says:

    Hi how did you get the palm leaves to look like that into a vein did you glue the palm leaves together and then place them ontop of the pole

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