Ladybug Fruit Cups: Perfect Class Treat

My little girl just had a birthday and I wanted to bring something to her class to celebrate. When I was little, my mom always brought treats to school for our birthdays. She usually made these cute little airplanes out of a roll of lifesavers and sticks of gum for the wings. I loved it and wanted my kids to have similar memories. But they don’t let you bring treats from home anymore in elementary school, so I figure I need to enjoy doing it while I can in preschool!

I wanted to do something that was at least a little healthy and I was so excited when I found these ladybug fruit cups at!

We call G– our ladybug because she is a little bit “lady” and a little bit “bug” so it was perfect! She is one of those pink-loving girls who can sport a hair ribbon while digging through the mud for worms. She is a disarming mix of sweet little girl and thug.

The only problem was is that I am lazy and I have terrible penmanship. I knew that drawing all those dots was going to drive me crazy and there was a good chance I would mess them up.

So I pulled out my black vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo!

I was able to make stickers for the cups and then just peel and stick. It was so much easier! If you are as lazy as me, I have included the Silhouette file for you to use!
Download Ladybug Fruit Cup Silhouette File (zip)

I ended up picking apple sauce instead of the Jello fruit cups because let’s be honest, Jello is really a desert no matter how often we call it a “salad.”

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