LDS Baptism Rainbow Printable

LDS Baptism Rainbow Printable
I bought these amazing lollipops at the 99 Cent Store and made a printable label based on a quote by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf to go with them for the sisters I visit teach. But as I was working on the printable, I kept singing the line, “I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain. And ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again,” from the song “When I Am Baptized.” So I decided I ought to make a LDS baptism rainbow printable for a Great to be Eight activity or a fun little baptism gift. These would also be super cute in a centerpiece for a baptism party.

My ladybug still has a few years before she is old enough to be baptized, but I already want to do a rainbow theme for her baptism party. She adores the rain and prays for it to rain almost every night. We don’t get much rain out here, but when it does rain, she is begging to go outside and will stay out there until she is cold, shivery, and drenched. When she is out in the rain she is pure joy. Some of my favorite moments with her are snuggling while we watch the rain. I have never seen somebody so thoroughly enjoy a good downpour. She is often drawing pictures of rainbows and rain clouds. The girl is obsessed.

To make these lollipops, I printed out the labels on card stock and then stuck them to the lollipop using double-sided tape. If you don’t have a 99 Cent Store nearby, you can also get similar lollipops on Amazon.

If you want to make smaller ones, there are some smaller lollipops on Amazon too.

Download LDS Baptism Rainbow Printable Labels

Be sure that the size of your labels match your lollipops. These labels are just general sizes and are not guaranteed to fit any particular lollipop. If you want more control over your sizing, you can use and resize the JPG version of the label.

5.18 inch labels for large lollipops (PDF)
2 inch labels for smaller lollipops (PDF)
Image of label to use on round adhesive labels (JPG) (like these)

Recently, I attended the baptism of a wonderful and humble brother with a deep and touching testimony. His wife was recently re-activated and his baptism was their first step in becoming an eternal family. As I drove up to the baptism, it had been sprinkling and I noticed two rainbows meeting together over the stake building to form a double arch. I was startled and moved to see such a beautiful symbol of cleansing and rebirth.

The baptism was small and nothing flashy, but the spirit was so strong and I was touched by this little family with their two young children. What a powerful thing a family is. What a force for good. What an amazing plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. What a blessing it is to start again–new and clean. After the baptism, the brother did something that surprised me–he asked to bear his testimony. I was touched by his eagerness to testify of his faith and for his humble and profound testimony. It is a baptism that I will never forget and I think of it often. Sometimes we go through the steps because they are the next steps ahead of us. Sometimes we forget what a blessing baptism is because we are surrounded by people who have been baptized. But there is nothing routine or common about the promises we make with the Lord. Our lives are remarkable and filled with miracles.

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3 Responses

  1. Melissa Schwartz says:

    HI! I love these labels. I ordered the small 2 in labels like you attached. However, your 2 in. download doesn’t match up with the labels. Is there a way I can fix this? Or can I get a download of just one of the labels and then I can create it in the Avery website? Thank you so much.

    • Angie says:

      Yes, under the “Download LDS Baptism Rainbow Printable Labels” section you will notice a link to “Image of label to use on round adhesive labels.” You will want to download that image and then insert it in the Avery template. Thanks!

  2. Judy Baldwin says:

    I want to thank you so much. I am making these printables for my two grandsons who will be baptised together. Thank you for making it so easy to print and for free too!!
    What a blessing xoxo

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