Make a Street Sign Using Vinyl

Make a Street Sign Using Vinyl
Want to decorate with street signs without facing a misdemeanor? A friend of mine was doing a car theme for her son’s room and wanted a street sign with his name on it. So we decided to just make a street sign using vinyl.

It was a really easy project to do and it packs a big punch. It was so cute that I later made some more!

How to Make a Street Sign Using Vinyl

1) Download the Silhouette template and add the name you want to use. How long of board you need to buy will depend on how long the name is. You can stretch the border in the template to fit the name.
Download Free Street Sign Silhouette Template (zip)

2) Once you have the file finished and the measurements, figure out how long the board needs to be. Add enough to leave a bit of an edge around it.

3) Buy your board. For this sign, you will need a 1×8 piece of wood (Note that a 1×8 is actually only 7.25 wide). Cut it to the right length.

4) Sand it down and paint it street sign green. Let it dry.

5) Cut the vinyl and apply to the board.

6) Attach it to the wall. I use washers and screws to make it look more authentic.

We also made a stop sign that used the words for the lights. You can just cut out the different lights in the right colors and apply to a piece of 1×8 painted black.
Download Free Stop Light Silhouette Template (zip)

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  1. Dani says:

    Do you have a template for the other street sign shapes, like the speed limit shape and others?

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