Moana Hula Hoop Wave Game

Moana Hula Hoop Wave GameThe Moana Hula Hoop Wave Game is the third step in the Moana Scavenger Hunt. This one is really simple to prep for – you just need a hula hoop!

Moana Hula Hoop Wave Game Tutorial

Moana Scavenger Hunt Step 3 – Get Maui
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Video Clip:
(I like to pair party games with clips from the movies since it makes it more “real” for the kids.)
Maui shuts Moana in a cave and leaves her on the island. She gets out of the cave and the water helps her get back on the boat. (DVD Clip Time: 40:31 to 43:22)

Instructions to Kids:
Maui left Moana on the island. We are the wave that will help her get back on the boat.

Everybody holds hands in one long line and without letting go, maneuver the hula hoop down the line and back to the boat.

Set Up:
For this challenge I bought a cheap hula hoop at the dollar store that was blue and silver. The coloring made it look a little wave like. If you want to go the extra mile, you can tape a print out of Moana on it so that it looks like she is riding the wave. (Cool Trick: You can use packing tape to cover the print out, which will make it more durable. It is the cheap version of laminating!)

Technically, you don’t need a real boat for this challenge. But my husband had put together this really easy Moana boat.

You then have all the girls hold hands so that they form a long line, with the last girl standing on the “boat.” You hand the first girl the hula hoop and she has to move the hula hoop down the line without letting go of each other’s hands.

As the hula hoop goes down the line, the girls have to move in a kind of wave-like motion, so they look like the wave in the movie!

Once they get Moana back to her boat, they are done! If you want to add a competitive edge to it, you can get two hula hoops and break the kids up into two teams. Whoever gets Moana back first, wins!

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