Moana Kakamora Game – Fight the Kakamora Pinata

Moana Kakamora GameIf you know me, you know I am crazy about pinatas. So I decided to include a Kakamora Pinata in the Moana Scavenger Hunt. If you are following along, this is the fourth step in the scavenger hunt. The Moana Kakamora game was a lot of fun. Watching the girls whack a Kakamora with a boat paddle felt just like the movie!

I will be posting a Kakamora Piñata Tutorial later in case you want to make your own. It was one of the easier piñatas I have done.

Moana Kakamora Game Tutorial

Moana Scavenger Hunt Step 3 – Fight the Kakamora Pinata
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Video Clip:
(I like to pair party games with clips from the movies since it makes it more “real” for the kids.)
In this clip, Moana jumps on the Kakamoras boat with her oar and fights them off by swinging her oar at them like a bat. She is finally able to get away with the Heart of Te Fiti. (DVD Clip Time: 47:44)

Instructions to Kids:
Using your oar, you have to beat off the Kakamoras to get the Heart of Te Fiti back.

You will need to hit the Kakamora hard enough to break him open. Inside, along with the other candy, there is a Heart of Te Fiti. You need to work together to find the heart.

Set Up:
For this challenge, you will need a Kakamora Pinata. You can either make your own using my easy Kakamora Piñata Tutorial or Etsy has some cute ones too. When you fill the pinata, you will want to include a Heart of Te Fiti for the kids to find. Of course, I didn’t want to use the glass Heart of Te Fiti, so I bought some green taffy that had a cute little swirl. I was able to use the rest on the food table.

You will also need a boat paddle. We later used our paddle as a decoration in Labybug’s room and we also used it as a decoration on the food table. The paddle used to belong to a Boy Scout troop!

Then we hung up the Kakamora pinata and let the kids take turns whacking at it.

Once the candy all came out, they had fun searching through it all to find the Heart of Te Fiti!

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