Mommy Sippy Cups Vinyl

When little ones are around there is something to be said for nonspillable cups. Let’s be honest, kids are just as likely to spill your drink as theirs.

These mommy sippy cups are so cute for Mother’s Day or for baby shower gifts–I often stick a fun gift card inside.

I made the mommy sippy cup above for a friend’s birthday and then included her initials on the back. It turned out so cute! The lips were a pain to weed, but totally worth it. However, I have to be honest I prefer cups that aren’t see through. If I am going to indulge in a little soda or hot chocolate, I don’t need the kids begging me for a sip. Sometimes mommies need their little secrets!

Download Free Silhouette File for Mommy Sippy Cup (zip)

If you are going to put vinyl on a cup, I recommend using the outside vinyl. It holds up to water better. Even then I prefer to hand wash them. However, they do hold up to the dishwasher pretty well. I labeled my son’s water bottle that he takes to school and his name held up for almost a year. The is one thing I insist on putting in the dishwasher so that it gets sterilized. Yuck!

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