Monster Book of Monsters Pinata from Harry Potter

Monster Book of Monsters PinataThis Monster Book of Monsters Pinata was just the thing for our “Care of Magical Creatures” themed birthday party. It looks amazing, but is actually really simple to do. All you need is a cereal box, a hanger, some tissue, a few printables, and vampire teeth.

And while hitting “The Monster Book of Monsters” repeatedly with a bat is exactly what Harry Potter would do, my boy decided it was too amazing to break. In fact, he absolutely refused to hit it. So I made a quick piñata out of a paper bag and the Monster Book of Monsters Pinata is now hanging in his bedroom. I didn’t mind. It made me feel like a million bucks that he liked it that much.


It wasn’t hard, but there are a lot of steps, so I put together a quick slide show tutorial that takes you through the steps.

In the slideshow, here are the files that are mentioned.

Lip Patterns:  Top Lip PDF / Bottom Lip PDF

Book Pages: Pages PDF

Title Printable: Visit Making the Monster Book of Monsters by Samantha Kamilos.

And what do you put in a Monster Book of Monsters pinata?
Lots of creepy, crawly candy, lemon drops, Harry Potter glasses and more vampire teeth! It was so funny to see the kids running around with Harry Potter glasses and vampire teeth. We were dying. And I don’t suggest trying to eat gummy worms while wearing the vampire teeth.

Looking for more Harry Potter pinata ideas? See my Dementor Pinata tutorial. We are a bunch of Potterheads over here and have fun tutorials on lots of party ideas, foods, and crafts. See more Harry Potter ideas

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  1. Lorena says:

    I love your piñata book!
    I was initially just browsing for a piñata book (basic) but this book is just amazing!
    Thank you for the tutorial!

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