Monster Truck Birthday Party

Monster Truck Party Crew

I am so excited to be featuring this amazing Monster Truck birthday party from my friend Krystyle. Her little cutie got all shy for this photo, but don’t be fooled! He was the life of the party and will talk your ear off. And of course, he is a big fan of monster trucks.

So Krystyle recreated his very own Monster Jam. With so many things to do at the party, she made this cute little sign to point you in the right direction. Of course, I headed straight to concessions!

Monster Truck Party Sign

On the way in, I snapped a few photos of her super cute front door wrapped in caution tape.

Monster Truck Front Door Entrance with Caution Tape


Close up of Caution Tape


Monster Truck Party Favors

And like any good Monster Jam, there was plenty of swag for the VIP guests.

Monster Truck Chalkboard Sign

Inside the party favor bags were little monster trucks, candy, and VIP neck passes.

Monster Truck Party Favors

Monster Truck Party Food

At the “Concessions Stand,” Krystyle had hot dogs with lots of fun extra touches. These little candy corn caution cones are perfect!

Candy Corn Caution Cones

And while I don’t recommend putting lemons in your gasoline, it was delicious! And the set up looked so cute in her beverage dispensers!

Gasoline and Oil Drinks

Monster Party Decorations

One of my favorite decorations was the photo collage with all her little boy’s baby photos. He is such a cute little guy, he makes me smile.

Birthday Boy Collage Close up of Birthday Boy Collage

Inflatable Tire Monster Truck Decoration

Monster Truck Party Games

And of course any Monster Truck Party needs a monster-sized bounce house! It is the perfect place to practice trick moves like flips, slap wheelies, jumps, and donuts.

Monster Truck Bounce House


Krystyle also made a cute little monster truck sand pit.

Monster Truck Sand Pit

I love party games like this because the kids have so much fun playing with it for days afterward. When you spend so much time on a party, it is nice when you can make it last a little longer. And I love the little tire tread marks she made on the blocks! And the cute little racing flags!

Monster Truck Sand Pit Close Up Monster Truck Sand Pit Close Up

At a Monster Jam, the monster trucks run a course full of different obstacles. So Krystyle even made a cute little obstacle course for the kids.

Monster Truck Obstacle Course


A big thanks to Krystyle for letting me feature her Monster Truck Birthday Party! My kids are getting too big for these kinds of parties and it was fun to live vicariously through her. It is so cute watching the little ones get so excited!


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