National Monuments Blue and Gold Dinner Cake – La Brea Tar Pits

National Monuments Blue and Gold Dinner CakeMy son recently made this National Monuments Blue and Gold Dinner Cake for Cub Scouts. The theme was national monuments and parks and we only had two hours to bake it and decorate it because it had been a crazy week and hadn’t gotten it done. Which meant that frosting the cake with normal frosting was not going to happen.

This my friends, is guerilla parenting at its finest. I figured chocolate ganache was our only hope and La Brea Tar Pits was the only national monument that seemed to work with ganache. Plus, Ladybug had some cat figurines that could pass as saber tooth tigers.
La Brea Tar Pits Cake

My boy actually likes to cook and is a pro at cracking eggs. So we whipped up a batch of chocolate cake mix and poured it into a bundt pan.

While it was baking, we worked on a quick chocolate ganache. With no time to let the cake cool, we flipped it into a glass bowl to make it easier for the ganache to pool up in the center. We also cut the bottom of a sour cream container off, turned it upside down, and fit it in the middle so that we wouldn’t need quite as much ganache.

We then filled the hole with ganache and dribbled some around the edges. We topped it off by using a grass frosting tip to make grass around the edges. I actually had some frosting leftover from Ladybug’s birthday cake that I colored green. For the sign, I printed off the logo of the museum and glued it to a wood coffee stirrer.

It was perfect for a National Monuments Blue and Gold Dinner Cake because it was so easy and my little Cub Scout was able to do most of it on his own. And I LOVED how it turned out. If a little Cub Scout can do this, anybody can! It would even make a really cool cake for a dinosaur or paleontologist party. Technically, La Brea doesn’t have any dinosaurs in it, but I am sure dinosaurs got stuck in lots of other tar pits!

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