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I love visiting teaching and am a big believer of the blessings that come from visiting teaching. But sometimes the best way to serve isn’t by coming over to visit, but by not making their lives any crazier than they already are. We have all had those months where if we have to fit one more thing into our schedules we are going to crack. But love, prayers, and nuts are always appreciated (unless you have an allergy, to the nuts of course, not love or prayers, that would be ridiculous).

Last fall, I found these yummy pumpkin spice almonds. I am a huge fan of Blue Diamond almonds. My favorites are the salt and vinegar ones (they taste like salt and vinegar potato chips and are amazing!). Those disappear in our house in a matter of minutes. My kids inhale them. But I also love the smokehouse, coconut, and salted caramel ones. But I can’t stand the Wasabi ones. Maybe it is because I believe that food shouldn’t hurt. Why in the world would you ever put something in your mouth that burns?!? And who was the first person who tried it? What were they thinking? “Oh my gosh! This hurts so bad! I am crying! I think I will eat it again…” It makes no sense. But some people really love them. Weirdos.

So if the sister you visit teach is already starting to go a little crazy with the holidays coming up, drop her off some yummy pumpkin spice nuts. But crazy can happen any time of year, so you may want to grab some salt and vinegar ones if the crazy hits in the summer.

And if your life happens to be crazy too, I’ve made things easier for you. Just download the visiting teaching printable below, print it out, tie it to a jar of nuts, and you are done!


Download Printable

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  1. Kimberly Hardy says:

    Hello- This Nuts printable is too cool! However I can’t figure out how to download it. Would you be so kind as to email me the link?

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