Pinkalicious Paper Plate Crowns

I made these paper plate crowns for my daughter’s Pinkalicious party, but they would also work great for a princess party.

I got the idea from G–‘s preschool teacher and thought they would be perfect for Pinkalicious’s tiarra. I was able to get the plates for dirt cheap at the Dollar Tree and the girls loved decorating them.

This tutorial shows how I made one that looks close to Pinkalicious’s tiarra, but at the party I also let the girls add their own decorations too. I bought a bunch of foam and glitter stickers that they could use and by the time they were done those paper plate crowns were fabulous!

How to Make Paper Plate Crowns

1) Get yellow paper plates that are big enough to fit on your child’s head. Think dinner plate, not cake plate.

2) Using a X-Acto knife, cut lines into the plate so that it looks like the photo below. Depending on the size of your plate and your child’s head, you may need to cut further out to the edges. I found that I could also save time by cutting three to four plates at the same time with the knife. It was also helpful to measure out one plate to get the sections even and then use that as a pattern for the next plates.

3) Fold up the sections so that they form the spikes on the crown.

4) Using double-sided tape, tape on large, round sequins. You can also use large rhinestones, foam circles, or paper circles. I thought it would be really cute to get some glitter foam circles, but I couldn’t find any in pink. I was able to find these sequins at Hobby Lobby.

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