Pinkalicious Wand or Princess Wand Tutorial


These Pinkalicious wands were a big hit at my lady bug’s Pinkalicious party and they weren’t hard to do.

I am cheap and lazy, so I tried to find the easiest and cheapest way of doing it. I looked for gold foam starts, but couldn’t find any that would work well. And doing the wands with wood stars got expensive real fast. But I also didn’t want to use paper. I wanted them to last so that the girls could use it as a princess wand later.

Although I was hoping not to have to cut them out, I couldn’t find any pre-cut ones that would work so I finally settled on cutting them out of felt. I have a TON of felt hoarded away in my studio, so it was cheap, cheap, cheap!

How to Make a Pinkalicious Wand

1) For the handle I used 3/16″ hardwood dowels that I bought off Amazon. I liked the 3/16″ size, but if you want to make them a little bit more invincible, I would go with the 1/4″ size. I didn’t feel like painting them, so I wrapped them in some patterned duct tape I bought at the Dollar Store. You could also use washi tape. I just cut the tape the same length as the dowel, placed the dowel on the edge of the tape so that they were both running parallel, and then rolled the tape around the dowel. It took me about 3 minutes per wand and it looked so cool. The pattern fit perfectly with the Pinkalicious motif and it made the dowels feel very substantial.

2) Next I cut the stars out of felt. I had to do two per wand, so I ended up doing 40 stars. I hate cutting things out, but I numbed the pain by watching Downton Abbey while doing it.

3) Then I glued the dowel to the base of one of the stars so that the handle was positioned in the right place.

4) I then applied a liberal amount of craft glue all over the star (don’t miss the edges!) and then placed the second star on top. If they line up perfectly, it means that you are much better with scissors than I am. If not, don’t worry. Once the glue dries you can trim the overhang a little.

5) Mix up some glitter Mod Podge by mixing a liberal amount of glitter in with your Mod Podge. If you buy the larger flaked glitter it will be harder to apply and your wand’s finish will be a bit bumpier, but the glitter does a really good job of covering it quickly. The finer glitter goes on easier and leaves a more consistent finish, but you might need more coats. You can also try a mix of both types if you want. If you are only doing a few wands, you can mix the glitter and Mod Podge together in a separate bowl. Since I was making 20 wands, I just dumped the glitter in the jar and stirred it well. You want enough glitter in there that you get a decent layer of glitter when you apply the Mod Podge but not so much that it gets clumpy.

If you are nervous about mixing the right amount of glitter in, you can just buy the Mod Podge with the glitter already mixed in.

7) Apply several coats of the glitter Mod Podge and let the wands dry between applications. Once I did about three coats the star was stiff and you could hardly tell it was felt anymore. You can bend the star, but you have to put a lot of pressure on it to bend it. What I love about applying the glitter this way is that it doesn’t come off. It is amazing. My daughter even left her wand out on the lawn and it got hit by the sprinklers. We left it out to dry and it was as good as new. Amazing!


8) Once the Mod Podge is dry, top it off with a pretty ribbon!


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