Preschool Activities: Playdough Box of Chocolates

Last week I shared my See’s Chocolate Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea and it got me thinking about how much I love chocolates!

There is nothing sadder than an empty box of See’s chocolates. Usually I just throw the box away with a heavy heart, but this time I decided to let my kids have a crack at “chocolatiering.”

So one morning I handed over the box and the little chocolate wrappers to my kids along with a batch of my favorite playdough (see recipe). The two of them spent forever handcrafting their own “chocolates.” They were distracted long enough for me to give the kitchen a really good scrub, and I loved pretending to eat their creations.

Why I Love this Preschool Activity

  • Zero prep time (I already had the playdough on hand)
  • It is free!
  • No toys to store. The kids played with the box and then we tossed it.
  • It gives me a really good excuse to buy another box of chocolates! 😉
  • Working with playdough is a great way to build fine motor skills.

So often we get stuck in this rut; thinking we have to buy our kids new toys all the time. But there is nothing a kid likes better than a box. Since I am all about reduce, reuse, recycle, I love to find ways to turn would be trash into entertainment. Some of my best preschool activities are born from trash.

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