Rainbow Unicorn Party Game Ideas

Rainbow Unicorn Party Game IdeasThere are so many fun things to do at a Rainbow Unicorn birthday party that we hardly had time for them all! Here are a few of my favorite rainbow unicorn party game ideas.

Rainbow manicures

Girls love nail polish, so I bought a set of rainbow colors for manicures! Luckily my niece and favorite pre-teen was at the party and she ran the nail polish booth for me. And I am so excited to have all these extra colors on hand for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.
Rainbow Manicure

Rainbow Suck it Up

Ladybug loves the Minute to Win It game “Suck it Up,”. Since the girls were younger, we made it easier by having them transfer the candy to a bowl instead of to the top of other straws. If you use Skittles for the candy, you have an instant rainbow game!

Fruit Loop Rainbows

We actually didn’t get the time to do this one, but I had it all prepped and ready to go and I had to share it. We made little rainbows using pipe cleaners, Fruit Loops, and marshmallows. They took hardly any time to prep and are easy enough even for little ones to do. We made them later for St. Patrick’s Day and they turned out so cute! Learn how to make Fruit Loop Marshmallow Rainbows
Fruit Loop Rainbows

Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes

This activity was actually a lifesaver. My husband needed a little more time to rig up the pinata, so I busted out these scratch art rainbow notes as a distraction. In the Space Unicorn video, the unicorn delivers rainbow packages and letters. So the girls had fun making their own little rainbow notes. This was one of my favorite Rainbow Unicorn Party game ideas. One of the sweet girls even made me a cute little thank you note. I love all my daughters friends. Parties are so much fun with them because they are so sweet and polite.
Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes

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