Spa Baby Shower Gift

Spa Baby Shower Gift

I love baby showers because I am obsessed with baby shoes. I love to see all the cute little shoes tucked away in gift bags. I don’t care if baby shoes are utterly useless and fall off all the time. They are absolutely adorable.

But there are two things that bother me about baby showers. If it is a shower, shouldn’t there be more soap? And if it is the mom doing all the work lugging that kid around for 9 months, why is the kid getting all the presents?

So for my friend’s baby shower I put together this super cute spa baby shower gift. It solves both my baby shower problems: it adds soap and something for momma too. I called it the “Mommy and Me Spa Kit” and filled it with fun soaps and lotion for baby and mommy.

I have always loved the lavender soap I used on my babies. I don’t know if it made them sleep better, but it sure made me want to cuddle them longer. It smelt so good!

I also added a gift certificate to See’s Candies with a tag that said, “To get YOU through the tough nights” and a pacifier for baby that said, “To get HER through the tough nights.” Let’s be honest, chocolate makes everything better.

Download Spa Baby Shower Gift Tags (PDF)

And my absolutely favorite pacifier ever is the WubbaNub pacifier. I didn’t know about these until my second child, but I so wish I had one for my first. I love that it is harder to lose than other pacifiers and that my baby could find it easily in her crib. It also doesn’t fall out of her mouth as much at night or in the car. With my first child we gave him three pacifiers in his crib as a baby so that he could always find one, but it turned into a nasty addiction when he started to demand three pacifiers in order to sleep. He held one in each hand and one in his mouth. It was ridiculous.

I also love that if you drop a WubbaNub it doesn’t bounce away and hide some place under the couch. It was a real lifesaver. Plus it is one piece, making it less likely to separate or get that gross film inside it. To clean it, I would throw the whole thing in the washing machine. Once it came time to wean my baby girl from her pacifier, I just cut the pacifier off and she still had her little bear as a comfort object. Even though she is five, she still has her bear! They have a ton of different animals to choose from.

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