Stacking Heart Pencil Valentine Card Printable

Heart Pencil Valentine CardI bought these stackable heart pencils back in September and have been so excited to use them for Valentine’s Day! These Heart Pencil Valentine Card printables are perfect for kiddos who want to make sure their Valentine’s Day message isn’t too mushy. I also like that they are a non-candy Valentine and allergy-friendly.

These pencils are a little different than the push point pencils or stacking point pencils I remember from my childhood. On those, you would rotate out the lead to the top as it got dull, which would push out a new and sharpened lead point. But on these, each heart has its own lead and you can rearrange the colors or separate them however you want. Pretty cool!

After lots of brainstorming, we finally settled on the cards saying, “It makes my heart happy to have friends like you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” I copied the smiley face off the pencils and added it to the heart on the card so that they would match. They are perfect for a classroom Valentine’s Day card exchange!

Stacking Heart Pencil Valentine Card Printable

Download Heart Pencil Valentine Card

To attach the pencil, I used some baker’s twine and a needle. I didn’t want a big hole from a hole punch, so I poked a hole through the card with the needle going down and then back up. The baker’s thread was threaded on the needle, so it pulls through the card with the needle. I then tied the pencil on with the thread.

Ladybug is so excited to give these away this year! Like most girls, she is obsessed with new and cute school supplies. The best part, these were surprisingly inexpensive!

stackable heart pencils

If you want to try something different, these items also go great with the “Heart Happy” Valentine’s card!

Even though Ladybug loves these heart pencil Valentine cards, I don’t think anything will ever match her excitement from last Valentine’s Day. With her help, we made a Squishies Valentines Day Card that caused no small stir in the classroom. I guess squishies are a huge deal right now and would be pretty hard to top. But luckily, cute pencils take a close and acceptable second place.

P.S. On a side note, I originally bought these stackable heart pencils to go with a ministering message for church – “2 Corinthians 12:5–10 – The Savior’s grace is sufficient to help me find strength in my weakness

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