Start of School Photos with Chalkboard Back Drop

These start of school photos contain such epic levels of cuteness that it is almost more than I can stand.

Last year my friend Rachel had her twins’ photos taken for the start of preschool and I am totally in love. For starters her kids are ADORABLE! That much cuteness in one kid is already pushing it, but twins!?!? Doubling the cuteness takes the whole thing over the top. It is too much. And those curls! I die!

Start of School Photos

(Photo Credit: Dandelion Dreams Photography)

I also love all the details in the photos. What a cute idea to take the photos next to the height ruler! I have one in my house and will now start pulling it out for all my back to school photos. And of course the basket of apples is perfect. But my favorite part is the use of the chalkboard backdrop to write down information and that the kids even wrote their own names. Love it!



This year I am totally tempted to try to replicate this. Don’t hate me for being a copycat Rachel! Yours will still be much cuter!

I won’t be able to pull off the studio lighting, the backboard backdrop, or the adorable twins, but I can do the ruler and a smaller chalkboard. I can prop the height ruler up against my red front doors where I have natural light and I love the color on the doors. Then I can make my kids hold a smaller chalkboard with the info on it.

But there is no way I would ever try to pull this all off on the actual first day of school. I am always in awe of those moms who pull off a special dinner the night before, pancakes for breakfast, and cute photos in front of the door. I consider myself a raging success if I can keep people from crying, everybody has their pants on, and we get to school on time.


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  1. Linda B. says:

    HA! I do sincerely believe in “recreation” photos to remember the event… but “on the day of” is asking for trouble!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Where do I get a ruler like that? Did you make it?

    • You can make them and there are lots of tutorials online (just look for ruler growth chart), but I also heard they had some like it at Hobby Lobby. You can also find some on

  3. Emily Smythe says:

    Where is the barrel from?

  4. Priscilla says:

    The chalkboard writing of “preschool, their favorite thing, and what they want to be when they grow up”, is that her writing or was that an app that provided the text?!

  1. July 22, 2016

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