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This year I got smart and actually asked a bunch of teachers what they would like to get as a teacher appreciation gift. Turns out none of them said mugs or apple knick knacks. But I was surprised by what they did want. Most of them wanted to either build up or add new books to their classroom library. Yea! I love books! I love buying books! And buying books is easy! I don’t have to stay up late crafting to buy a book!

So this year I ditched all the cute crafting ideas and instead went shopping for books with my kids. We did our browsing on Amazon, but I also love taking my kids to Barnes and Noble. While in Barnes and Noble the other day B was excitedly looking through the bookshelves when I said, “I love the smell of bookstores.” He replied, “I know! It smells like new books!” No doubt about it. He is my boy! I love how much he loves words and books. We can geek out together.

Most teachers have a corner of their classroom dedicated to books and allow students to read during their down times. Teachers like to have good books on hand to get the kids excited about reading. It is a great chance for students to get their hands on the popular books that always seem to be checked out at the school library. Even teachers who have been teaching for years appreciate getting some of the newer, popular books.

My kids loved helping me pick out the books and were thrilled about the idea that their book would remain in their teachers’ libraries after my kids had moved on. We then decorated the gift bags and I had them sign the inside of the book with pencil. That way the teachers could either leave it as a reminder of my child or erase it if they needed to do something else with the book.

All-Time Favorite Children Books for a Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

If you are looking for some ideas, I quizzed my friends on some of the best books for kids.

Best Books for Kindergartners and First Graders

Elephant and Piggie Books by Mo Willems
Kindergartners LOVE these books. They are perfect for reading out loud and leave the kids howling with laughter. Really, anything by Mo Willems is great.

Pete the Cat by James Dean
My daughter loves cats and these have been a big hit with her. However, the ones written by James Dean are much better than the newer ones they are putting out.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell
This has a wonderful message about self esteem.

Rosie Revere by Andrea Beaty
Great story with wonderful illustrations about conquering your fear of failure.

The Magic School Bus by Joanna Cole
This series is great for science lovers. They are educational and entertaining.

Best Books for Second and Third Graders

The Amulet Series by Kazu Kibuishi
My son loves this graphic novel series and it is by far the most popular with the boys in his class. I struggle with graphic novels because there are so many pictures, but have decided that if it gets kids into a book, it can’t be that bad. Some kids are natural readers, but some need a little encouragement – and that is okay.

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
My son loved these when he was in second grade and just starting to read chapter books by himself.

Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Great little mystery books that challenge kids to use logic to solve the mystery.

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan
These are great for older readers and come from the same writer as the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is a fun way for your kid to learn a little more about Egyptian mythology.

Stick Dog by Tom Watson
For some beginning readers, a whole page of text can be intimidating. This is a fun way to get reluctant readers sucked into a book.

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier
Kids love this book!

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