Thank You Scavenger Hunt

Note for the Thank You Scavenger HuntA Thank You Scavenger Hunt is perfect for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day! The best gifts are ones that the kids have spent time and thought on. This scavenger hunt is wonderful because it gets them thinking about their own personal experience with their parent and what they are grateful for. It helps build gratitude and cement caring relationships.

The idea behind the scavenger hunt is that each clue is something that the kids are grateful for mom or dad for doing. For example, if dad reads to the kids every night, then the clue might be something like, “Thank you for doing funny voices while you read to us at night. Look for the next clue in my favorite book!” Before running off to find the next clue, the kids can also share any memories or hints. If your kids are still learning how to write, you can have them draw a picture to go with the clue.

It is really cute to hear what the kids are thankful for and watch them reflect on their gratitude.

At the end of the hunt, the kids can hide cards, treats, etc. I let the kids pick what they think is their dad’s favorite treat or candy. It is amazing how thoughtful and observant they are when picking out just the right prize. Ladybug decided we ought to make dad’s treat a pie. Dad loves pie, but nobody else in the family is a big fan of it. So the poor guy hardly ever gets pie!

Thank You Scavenger Hunt Clues

For Father’s Day, here are some of the clues we used:

  • Thank you for folding and sorting our clean clothes for us so that they are easier for us to put away! Hopefully finding the next clue won’t make you a basket-case! (Next clue hidden in laundry basket)
  • Thank you for always putting away all the clean dishes. Hopefully you can “sort” out “ware” this next clue is. (Next clue hidden in the silverware tray)
  • Thank you for helping us clean the guinea pig cage every “wheek!” Find the next clue in Lucy’s favorite spot. (Next clue hidden in the guinea pig igloo)
  • Thank you for teaching us how to build stuff and for building stuff for our home. You are the coolest dad I ever “saw!” (Next clue hidden in chop saw in garage)
  • Thank you for working all day to make money for the family. Pretend like you are getting dressed for work to find the next clue! (Next clue clipped on by his ties)
  • Thank you for eating my favorite fruit with me and always giving me my favorite part. (Next clue hidden in the oranges in the fridge)
  • Thank you for building this for us so that we can fly up high in the sky! (Next clue hidden on swing set)
  • Thank you for shooting hoops with us. We always have a ball with you! (Next clue hidden on basketball)
  • Thank you for buying us food and letting us pick out fun stuff when we shop (Ladybag said that this should be the last clue for dad to find, and that it should be his favorite pie in the fridge. He loves pies!)


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