Unicorn Water Bottle Teacher Gifts

Unicorn Water Bottle Teacher GiftsIt might be illegal to bribe public officials, but as far as I know bribing your kid’s teacher is totally okay. And if you have kids like mine, it is probably advisable. My kids are funny, kind, intelligent, and a total handful. They are the kind of kids who are going to be wonderfully happy and productive adults, but I am going to have the BEST and CRAZIEST stories about raising them. I would love to say that I have never gotten a call from the principal, but the truth is that we are on a first name basis. So yeah, I buy my kids’ teachers lots and lots of school supplies. But rather than call it a bribe, I like to think of it as a thank you for spending so much extra time with my kid. We have been blessed with some pretty amazing teachers who have made an incredible difference in my kids’ lives. Teachers really are magical. So I made these unicorn water bottle teacher gifts this year to thank them.

Make Your Own Unicorn Water Bottle Teacher Gifts

If you would like to make one for an incredible teacher in your life, you can find the free Silhouette file for the unicorn here.

The funny thing with these unicorn water bottles is that my plan was to slip a gift card to Starbucks inside them. But when I went to stick the gift card in, I discovered that the mouth of the water bottle was just a tad too small. I probably could have shoved the gift card in there, but the poor teacher would have needed a little magic to get it out. So instead, I wrapped the gift card into a little cellophane bag and tied it to the outside. Oh well, it still looked cute!

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