Valentine Wreaths made with Every Holiday Burlap Wreaths

This year I pulled out the Valentine decorations for my Every Holiday Burlap Wreaths and realized that I had absolutely no memory of what I did with them the year before. I remember vaguely something about wrapping the white fabric around them, but after a few attempts it was just not looking right. And I so didn’t have the time to spend hours on this.

So I gave up and pulled out my Bowdabra. Yes, I own and use a Bowdabra and love it. Don’t judge me. It is the only way I can make a half decent bow without wanting to curse.

I turned the fabric into a quick bow and stuck it up there with a pin. Done! While in my dream life I would have enough time to fuss over a Valentine Wreath, my reality is just too full with elementary school homework, laundry, dishes, and stopping any riots that break out. So there you go, it is done enough and cute enough. I have hung them on my front doors and am happy. Guerrilla crafting at its finest!

I guess it was just as well. Last year I remember thinking the Valentine wreaths really weren’t cute enough to be blog worthy, so I didn’t post them. But this year I really like them. I guess the second year is the charm!

And lesson learned — this year I took a photo of my Valentine Wreaths and posted it on my blog so that I wouldn’t forget!