LDS Ministering Christmas Printable

Looking for a Christmas printable for December’s visiting teaching message? Me too, and I couldn’t find one. So I whipped this one together super fast and thought I would share with you.

It is based on a quote from “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace” which is the visiting teaching message in the December 2014 Ensign.

It’s a good reminder that finishing your Christmas to-do list won’t bring you peace, instead our efforts should be focused on living a Christ-centered life. After my trip to the post office, I really, really, really needed that reminder!

Download Free Printable for Christmas Visiting Teaching


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5 Responses

  1. Nolean Bean says:

    I believe it was the end of November that you posted a talk that was given several years ago (I think). I was going to use that for my Christmas message. Is there any way you could post it again.

  2. Ginger Houck says:

    Hello, Angie I;m here setting at the computer, looking at the Away in the Manger ornament, and oh I wish I could order some for my ministering ladies is I”m a Mormon is it possible for me to order maybe about 5, I would like that very much please let me know Ginger

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