Motherhood Charm Bracelet

CustomizeEach charm is a reminder of the promises the Lord has made to mothers. While putting this bracelet together I couldn’t help but think of that amazing and terrifying time when I became a new mother. I was so overwhelmed and had so much to figure out. I learned to rely heavily on the Lord. For me, the charm bracelet has become a kind of pep talk on my wrist. Each charm helps remind me of who I am and the many ways the Lord helps me. Learn the meanings behind the charms.

Buying a Ready Made Charm Bracelet - $25.95

This is for the bracelet shown above. If you would like to add the initials and/or birthstones for children, see below.

Length of Bracelet

You can also purchase this bracelet on Etsy, but the price is slightly higher to account for their fees.

Add Initials or Birthstone Dangle
initials Give your bracelet a personal touch by adding an initial and/or a birthstone for each child. If you are ordering more than one bracelet, be sure to explain which extras belong with which bracelet. Visit my customization page to see a full list of my dangles, how they are added, and instructions on how to make special requests.

ID# of Dangles You Want

Letter Charms
List which letters you want. If you would like them grouped with a certain dangle, include the dangle ID# next to it.

Note: Unlike the other charms on my site, which are manufactured in the US, the letter charms are made in China. According to the manufacturer they are a zinc alloy metal, they do not contain lead, and they meet US standards.

Would you like to include gift wrapping?
If you will be mailing your bracelet directly to somebody else, I can gift wrap it for you for only $4!
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