February 2020 Come Follow Me Ministering – Light in the Wilderness

Candy filled lightbulbsThis month, the February 2020 Come Follow Me Ministering Printable ties together Elder Hans T. Boom’s 2019 October General Conference talk “Knowing, Loving, and Growing” with this February’s “Come, Follow Me” lesson on the Lord being our light in the wilderness.

These ministering printables are a great way to help families incorporate the “Come, Follow Me” lessons into their own study. They are also perfect for Young Women’s, Relief Society or Sunday School.

Elder Hans T. Boom Quote Printable

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February 2020 Come Follow Me Ministering

I spotted these cute light bulb glasses at the 99 Cent Store a while back and have been bidding my time until I found the perfect message to go with them. They are so adorable!

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February 2020 Come Follow Me Ministering Printable

Your Light in the Wilderness

The journey through the wilderness for Lehi and his family was tough. Like eat raw meat, have your babies in tents, and wonder where your next meal was coming from tough.

But Nephi is so unfailing upbeat. He is so upbeat he says the lines, “so great were the blessings of the Lord upon us” and “live upon raw meat” in the same sentence! I wonder if his wife wanted to kick him when he said that the women “were strong, yea, even like unto the men; and they began to bear their journeyings without murmurings” (1 Nephi 17). He must have been incredibly inspiring or absolutely annoying.

God Makes the Journey Possible

Despite the trials, Nephi mentions that the Liahona led them through “the more fertile parts of the wilderness” (1 Nephi 16:16). You quickly get the sense that things could have been much, much harder without the Lord’s help. In fact, the journey to the Promised Land would have not been possible.

The Lord promises Nephi, “And I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments; wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led” (1 Nephi 17:13).

And here is the reality of things. There is no easy option. The family could have stayed in Jerusalem and been destroyed or they could make the rough journey. And without the Lord, the rough journey isn’t possible.

Nephi is happy because he has decided to focus on the Lord’s help instead of the hardship. He knows that he needs God’s help and Nephi isn’t about to lose sight of it. He has seen the iron rod in a vision and he knows that we have to focus on the Lord or we will be lost.

The Importance of the Journey

The lesson of the journey is so important that it is a lesson the Lord teaches us over and over and over again. You have the Israelites escaping from Egypt, the Nephites leaving Jerusalem, the Jaredites in their boats, the throngs of people pushing their way to the Tree of Life, the latter-day pioneers in their pushcarts, etc.

So what do we learn from it? I think Elder Hans T. Boom sums it up best in his recent October 2019 General Conference Talk “Knowing, Loving, and Growing.”
Wherever you are on the path of life, some of you might feel so overburdened that you do not even consider yourself on that path. I want to invite you to step out of the darkness into the light. The gospel light will provide warmth and healing and will help you understand who you really are and what your purpose in life is. Some of us have been wandering on forbidden paths, trying to find happiness there. We are invited by a loving Heavenly Father to walk the path of discipleship and to return to Him. He loves us with a perfect love.

Living in the Light

We are all on a journey and that journey is hard. We can’t do anything about that. But we can decide what that journey is going to mean and where it is going to take us. We can decide on whether or not we focus on the grief or the miracles. And we can decide whether or not we are going to step into the Lord’s light.

I know that the Lord has promised to guide and protect us. I know that He will lead us through the more fertile parts of the wilderness so that our challenges are fewer and easier to bear. I know that like Nephi, we can find joy in the journey, even in the midst of challenges. And I know that the journey is here to bring us joy and to bring us home.

Like Elder Boom also said, “He did not send us here to fail but to return gloriously to Him.”

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