Furniture Facelift Friday: Little Girl’s Bedroom


What a lucky little girl! This is what happens when your mom is a genius with a paint brush. When Vikki’s (from Uniqueantweaks) little girl recently had a birthday she decided to surprise her with a brand new bedroom. Vikki pulled all her inspiration and the color palette from a Parisian print that now hangs above the bed. It is the perfect little girl’s bedroom!

Vikki worked on it for months, slowly collecting things so that she wouldn’t break the bank. The bed was her little girl’s great great grandmothers. It was in perfect condition, so she just polished it up to keep it’s original beauty. The dresser set and frames got a new coat of paint. The best part is that she was able to keep it a surprise. When her little girl saw it for the first time her squeal could be heard two blocks away. She now can’t wait to go to bed at night and meticulously makes her bed every morning!





Furniture Facelift Friday:
Every Friday I post before and after pics of a furniture restoration or repurpose. If you have any before and after photos you would like to submit, just post them to my Facebook wall at and you might be featured on my blog!

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