May 2024 Come Follow Me Ministering – Mosiah 24 – Carry my burdens

May 2024 Come Follow Me Ministering HandoutThe May 2024 Come, Follow Me Ministering Printable ties together Elder Brian K. Taylor’s 2024 April General Conference talk “Swallowed Up in the Joy of Christ” with “God helps me carry my burdens” in the May “Come, Follow Me” lesson from Mosiah 24.

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May 2024 Come Follow Me Ministering Message

Mosiah 24 – God helps me carry my burdens

Over a year ago one of my children was going through a painful and challenging health problem. As they were being rolled into the operating room, they kept asking why this was happening to them. I only had seconds to give them a meaningful answer to the complicated question. I was grateful that in that moment I was prompted with what to say, “We live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people, and imperfect bodies.”

Since that time, I have found that just about every trial is either from an imperfect person (sometimes that imperfect person is me), an imperfect world, or an imperfect body. Or sometimes a combination of those.

Elder Holland gives some valuable insights on this when he teaches, “God does not now nor will He ever do to you a destructive, malicious, unfair thing—ever. It is not in what Peter called “the divine nature” to even be able to do so. By definition and in fact, God is perfectly and thoroughly, always and forever good, and everything He does is for our good. I promise you that God does not lie awake nights trying to figure out ways to disappoint us or harm us or crush our dreams or our faith.”

But God does allow us to experience the things we need to learn and become more like Him.

The Purpose of an Imperfect World

We chose to come to this world so that we could gain experience and learn. We can only do that in a world that is imperfect and filled with people who have agency. If Heavenly Father shielded us from everything, then we would no longer be getting the experience we came here for.

I believe we decided to come here despite the challenges because we knew and trusted Heavenly Father and His Son. We trusted Him to intervene when needed, to heal what is broken, to change our very natures, and to comfort and strengthen us when we struggle. He doesn’t always take away our challenges, but He will strengthen us to face them.

Ease Your Burdens

In the Book of Mosiah, the people of Alma are a powerful example of how the Lord can strengthen us.

After Alma and his people escape from King Noah, Alma builds a prosperous and righteous community in the land of Helam. However, despite their efforts to live righteously, they still face challenges. After a time of prosperity, they are discovered and enslaved by a Lamanite army. The Lamanite king decides to make Amulon, who was one of King Noah’s wicked priests who had caused so much trouble before, the ruler over the people. Still angry at Alma, Amulon causes his people to persecute Alma’s people. He also forces the people of Alma into heavy labor.

Even though Amulon threatens to kill those who pray to God for help, the people continue to pray in their hearts. They do not lose faith. Because of their righteousness and the covenants they have made, the Lord lightens their burdens and promises to deliver them from bondage.

The Lord assures them, “I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; … that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions” (Mosiah 24:14).

God’s Divine Purposes

I have often marveled at the people of Alma and have yearned to make my burdens light. In his talk, “Swallowed Up in the Joy of Christ,” Elder Brian K. Taylor gives some insight on how to do this when he asks, “Why do some receive their yearned-for miracles quickly, while others patiently endure, waiting upon the Lord? We may not know the why, yet gratefully, we know He who “loveth [us]” and “[doeth] all things for [our] welfare and happiness.”

Our trials immediately become lighter when we trust that the Lord is doing everything for our good. When we know Him, what we don’t know becomes less scary. The people of Alma had come to know the Lord through their trials and their blessings. They knew that they could trust Him.

Elder Taylor goes on to quote Elder Orson F. Whitney.

“No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education. … All … that we [patiently] endure … builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable. … It is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our [heavenly parents].”

Whatever our trials are, we can know that the Lord has promised to consecrate all our trials for our gain (2 Nephi 2:2). We can trust that the Lord can make our burdens light and deliver us from bondage. As Elder Taylor promises, “Coming to trust in God’s divine purposes breathes hope into weary souls and kindles determination in seasons of anguish and heartache.”

Ministering Handout

I don’t know if you have heard the saying about dandelions, “Where some see a weed, others see a wish.” It perfectly reflects Elder Taylor’s quote on how trusting in the Lord can change weariness to determination. How a situation can be changed from a trial to a blessing. Plus, I love how a dandelion is changed from a weed to a wish when we blow on it. Just like the Lord breathes hope into our weary souls.

I loved the saying so much that I made a vinyl sticker to give to my ministering families.

Where some see a weed, others see a wish.


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