Furniture Facelift Friday: Tiffany Blue Bookcases

tiffany blue bookcases

To say I was surprised when my husband agreed to let me paint these bookcases Tiffany blue is an understatement. He is more of a natural wood kind of guy and Tiffany blue is a far cry from natural wood. But when I was done, we were both in love.

I mixed the paint myself from a bunch of leftover stuff I had in the garage and luckily I had just enough paint to finish them. Unfortunately, I am always such a loser and forget to take a before photo. Before the transformation they were a kind of murky white and totally dated. I got them off of craigslist for just over $100. I just get too excited to get started on a project that I don’t think about taking before pictures until I am at least halfway in. Oh well!

Furniture Facelift Friday:
Every Friday I post before and after pics of a furniture restoration or repurpose. If you have any before and after photos you would like to submit, just post them to my Facebook wall at and you might be featured on my blog!

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