Vintage Hotel Key Rack DIY

Awhile ago my cute mommy bought the cutest post office mailboxes for the cutest reason.

Post Office Mail Boxes

But she now had a problem. She had to keep track of everyone’s keys and which mailbox belonged to which grandkid. So for Christmas the other year I made her a hotel key rack!

I saw a hotel key rack at Mothology that I loved, but knew that making my own would mean more to her. It also let me use a scrap piece of wood from an old dresser that I had been hoarding.

Vintage Hotel Key Rack


I wanted something that was actually old for the wood base. Old wood has a wonderful glow that is hard to fake. If you can find some old, antique baseboards, those would also work well.

board for hotel key rack

Hotel Key Rack DIY Tutorial

The first thing you are going to need are antique-looking metal label holders so that you can put the names on the board. I found that the easiest way to get the spacing right is by marking it all off on a piece of painters tape. The screws are small, so it was easy to screw on to the board.


Putting the label holders on the board

Then, you need to place the little hooks underneath by centering them below the label holders. You will want small hooks since they are only holding up keys.

Since my handwriting is garbage, I just found a font that I liked and printed up the labels on a piece of paper. I was careful to leave enough spacing so that I could then just cut them to size.

The grandkids love checking their mailboxes to see what kinds of treats grandma has left them. And I even got a mailbox of my very own! I love fortune cookies, so my mom always saves theirs when they get Chinese food and leaves them in there for me. Isn’t she just the cutest?

My mom is amazing at breathing new life into old things. You can see some of her work over on her Instagram page. I have also featured some of her restorations here.

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