August 2022 Come Follow Me Ministering – Job – God’s perspective is greater than mine

August 2022 Come Follow Me MinisteringThe August 2022 Come, Follow Me Ministering printable ties together Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s April 2022 General Conference talk “Our Relationship with God” and this August’s “Come, Follow Me” lesson on Job and “God’s perspective is greater than mine.”

In the midst of this refiner’s fire, rather than get angry with God, get close to God

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August 2022 Come Follow Me Ministering Message

Job – God’s Perspective is Greater Than Mine

My sister has a wonderful family motto, “Live life uncertain.” She teaches her kids to accept and get used to uncertainty. As I have passed this along to my kids, I have been surprised how powerful it is. It is so easy to spin ourselves out over things we do not know or things that might happen. But when I stop myself and say, “It is okay for things to be uncertain,” I can feel the emotional storm pass.

Braving The Waves

A great visual of this is playing in the waves at the beach. Sometimes you may spot a giant wave forming in the distance. You know it is going to break on top of you and knock you over even if you brace yourself. The saltwater will rush into your nose and mouth. You’ll lose track of which way is up as the waves turn you over and over again. And the current will knock you repeatedly into the rough sand as you roll.

But if you dive under the wave as it approaches, you can swim under and through it. You don’t lose track of your direction and you know that you will pop out the other side. You pass quickly under the wave rather than let it drag you along the ocean floor.

Job – Things Too Wonderful For Me

As I read the Book of Job, I think about the waves he braved. He loses his servants, animals, wealth, children, and health. Job stays faithful, but he understandably gets rolled by these waves. Even though Job refuses to curse God, he starts to wonder just how good God is if He allows all these terrible things to happen. He cries for help but feels like God has abandoned him.

In Job 38, the Lord finally answers Job and reprimands him. The Lord asks Job a series of questions about the earth and its creation to illustrate just how limited humankind’s knowledge and power are compared to His. Chapters 38 and 39 are absolutely beautiful. Humans don’t even know how to make it rain, who are we to instruct God on how to do things?

In Job 42, Job repents as he acknowledges, “therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not.” In the end, Job is willing to humble himself and accept that he is not yet capable of understanding all the answers. He comes to terms with uncertainty and immerses himself in the will of the Lord. He dives into the wave.

Mortal Myopia

In his recent April 2022 General Conference talk, Elder Christofferson teaches us, “It truly is folly for us with our mortal myopia to presume to judge God, to think, for example, ‘I’m not happy, so God must be doing something wrong.’ To us, His mortal children in a fallen world, who know so little of past, present, and future, He declares, ‘All things are present with me, for I know them all.’”

We came to this earth to learn and grow. That process will not be easy or comfortable. But Elder Christofferson reminds us that, “in the midst of this refiner’s fire, rather than get angry with God, get close to God. Call upon the Father in the name of the Son. Walk with Them in the Spirit, day by day. Allow Them over time to manifest Their fidelity to you. Come truly to know Them and truly to know yourself. Let God prevail.”

When we know with certainty our Heavenly Father’s love for us, we can accept the uncertainty that comes with this mortal life. We can live life uncertain when we are certain of our relationship with the Savior and our Heavenly Father. The next time you are faced with the waves of life, immerse yourself in the Lord. Our testimonies are not built on a robust understanding of everything the Lord knows. They are built on the relationship we develop with the Lord.

August 2022 Come Follow Me Ministering Handout

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